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Most of the time I draw, but occasionally, I'll have a few books I've written/under progress. The books are usually fanart, along with some of my art.

I am a fan of Warrior Cats, Markiplier, and Anthro Art. I will occasionally attempt a human, but they aren't as good as my anthro. If you have any questions about commissions, requests, or just simple questions that are unrelated to art altogether, don't be afraid to ask!

:llama: :llama:

To do list~

-Finish up Requests
-Finish writing "Red in the Sky"

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:iconlibby-rose: (she's not online very often :))

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:iconimanika: :iconsnowfox-angel:
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They are great people, so please check them out and watch them or something! ^-^


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Tree by AllisonBunnyz
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Sea creatures
If you want to create a new OC, the journal can be found here-  New OC Commission sheet... (anthro/warrior cats)~This is a sheet for people who want to create a new OC! If artists already have a picture on an OC, and they want me to draw it, please send me the link to the picture. (Or you can fill this out for fun and see how I draw. :D)
Most of the questions create the image in my head, the rest allow me to understand what type of pose/additional things you'd like added to the picture.
This is a series of questions that will be asked depending on how you want your character drawn. If you have something simpler, then please just send me a quick note. When filling out this sheet, please make sure that the answers you give make sense please!
When you complete this journal, please make sure to tag me in the journal so that way I know you've done it. (If you want me to commission you) These are custom characters I'll be making based on the questions answered down below. Now... on with the questions! 
1. Do you want your character to be male or female?
2. What color do you want your character?
     To fill out the journal, just copy/paste to a new journal entry. When you're finished, please make sure to add at the end a note of which commission you'd like, and tag me in there somewhere either by typing @ Storm-berry (no spaces) or :icon Storm-berry: (Also no spaces).
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If you want to see the book that I did before this one, you will find it here...
Warriors: The Secret Clan~Please note that the warrior cats belongs to Erin Hunter
   and that this is just a fan written book. Thank you!
Chapter 1
Long ago, a rogue by the name of Tree was sprinting through the forest in the dead of night. He had just been chased off by some cats who called themselves, "Thunderclan Warriors". Tree could hear them yowling in the from behind him as he headed toward the four giant trees that rest in the middle of the forest. He knew for a fact that the "clans" wouldn't dare attack when they leave their "territory".
Tree sat down to rest once he was sure that he was out of those weird cats territory and safely on top of the giant rock in the middle of the clearing. Tree was a small, brown tom. His fur giving him his name. He could blend in easily with any type of shrubs and brush. His green eyes were alert, making sure he was truly alone. He had long legs, his tail was medium length, and he had a torn ear from a fight he had with one of

~Please note that the Warrior Cats belongs to Erin Hunter!
   This is just a fan written book. Thank you!


A russet colored, long legged she-cat, with green eyes lay sleeping peacefully in an old box that one of the twolegs threw away. Her belly was swollen with kits and her fur was smooth and soft. She had lean muscles under her medium length fur and a short tail. Her tail had been bitten off by a dog that had chased her down, if not for her mate (who left her after she announced she was having kits) she would've lost her life. 

A light rain was drizzling through Twolegplace as she slept in a small alleyway. The she-cat was having a dream. She was dreaming of her mate, strutting back to the forest where he so claimed that he lived. The she-cat yowled out his name, but he didn't even look back. His broad shoulders and sharp claws, his bark-brown fur. Everything disappeared from her view. Everything was gone, she'd lost everything. He had promised so much to her and it was all because of these little tiny, precious things in her swollen belly.


Chapter 1

Redsky was sleeping peacefully in an old twoleg box inside of a monster den. No monsters ever came in or out anymore and Redsky was thankful for that. She tucked her paws around two tiny kits that were sleeping peacefully in her belly fur. One of them, was a little tom the color of bark on a tree, he still hadn't opening his eyes yet, so she did not know what color his eyes would be. Maybe they'd be yellow, and he'd look just like his father... The other kit, looked just like Redsky, except that she had a dark-brown patch that covered the left side of her face.

It was raining outside and it was making that pitter-patter sound as it lightly drummed the roof of the monster den. Redsky remembered a time that seemed just like the sunrise before. A day that seemed so perfect it was only a memory now. She remembered before she had her kits.

Redsky, or Red at the time, was sneaking through the morrland with a friend she'd made. A friend she had came to realize she liked a lot. Her friend took her through the forest and asked her to join Windclan, a clan of moor cats. He had promised her that if she joined, she would live the life of her dreams. She'd finally be able to depend on other, friendly cats, and have a life that would be amazing.

But that all went by so fast... once she'd received her warrior name and found who she thought was the love of her life, when she announced to him she was having kits to him, he told her to leave and never come back, or he would kill her. He claimed he was never right to become a father, and now she'd ruined everything.

It was so strange and so fast, she didn't realize that moor cats were so... brutal. She never wanted anything to do with them ever again and she planned on never going back to the moor or the forest as long as she lived. She would protect her kits from the evils within those places and make sure that they can live happier than her and not become a heartbroken bundle of fur.

She had great plans for these two small kits, she would name them and make sure, that they stay within twolegplace and live a good life. Maybe find a twoleg to take care of them even...

Chapter 2

Redsky woke up to the sun shining into the monster den. She looked down at her belly to find that her two kits were still sleeping peacefully. She needed to go out and find food soon, or she won't have enough milk for her kits to survive. Dreading that thought, she decided that she shall wait a few more days until the little ones can walk. Then she'll take them to the only cat she trusts with her life, Sarah.

Sarah was a kitty-pet living with twolegs her entire life. But Redsky and Sarah always had a certain place they'd go sometimes to stay, a fine distance away from twolegs. Redsky loved Sarah like a sister and Sarah never asked her to stay in the twoleg house, because she knew that Redsky wouldn't like that anyways. Redsky couldn't wait to see Sarah again, but now all she had to do was wait.

* * *

The few days took forever to pass, but they finally did. Her two tiny kits were opening their eyes and crawling, squirming, and mewling like little kits should. Tree's eyes to her pleasure were green, just like hers. But the his sister had a strange shade of gray blue. It wasn't like Redsky or her mate's eyes. She didn't mind though, Redsky was just glad that the two kits were hers and hers to cherish forever. Redsky decided that it was now or never and scooped up the two kits and put the little tom, the strongest of the two, on her back.

"Hold on tight little Tree. I know you're going to grow big and strong for me someday." Redsky meowed softly to the little tom as he held onto her fur. He puffed out his little chest and squeaked, "Yes mommy! I will!"

Redsky picked up her other kit, the little red she-cat by her scruff and exited the monster den. She walked for a ways, constantly listening for sounds of danger, but was greatly relieved to find that it was too early for dogs or feral cats to be out. She would soon be at Sarah's twoleg den, oh she could just picture the look on Sarah's face when she arrived with two kits coming along with her.

As the twoleg den came into view, a large figure suddenly stepped into her way. Redsky stopped dead, still holding the tiny kit in her mouth and looked up to see what horror she was going to face now. She leaped back in alarm as it was a twoleg standing in her way. It began reaching out it's hairless, front paws and tried to grab her kit. She hissed around the tiny she-cat and yowled to Tree as best as she could.

"Tree! Hold on as tightly as you can! Hold on for dear life!"

Tree made a high-pitch grunt and she felt him hold on tighter. She turned sharply and took off for the nearest bush. She dove underneath, doing her best to not get Tree scratched and held the little she-cat so that she too wouldn't get scratched. When she knew she'd made it far back enough that the twoleg couldn't reach her, she turned around, breathing hard. She put the tiny she-cat down and Tree climbed down into her belly fur.

The she-cat wasn't moving, and Redsky began to panic. She nuzzled the tiny kit and whispered, "Acorn... Acorn, sweety... are you alright? Come on, please be okay!"

The tiny she-cat finally opened her eyes and looked up at her mother. "Yes... I'm fine." Acorn only sounded tired to Redsky's relief.

After a moment, Redsky heard something scuttle through the brush, heading straight toward her. Her first thought was a twoleg, but she opened her eyes wide in surprise and a mouse scuttled literally straight into her paws. She killed it in a swift bite, ate it appreciatively, giving thanks to whoever was listening.

That mouse strengthened her, allowing her to produce more milk. She lay back down next to her kits and they began suckling. Redsky watched them, lifting her spirits a bit, and kept an eye on the entrance to the bush.

Chapter 3

Redsky eventually fell alseep. She dreamed of countless twolegs and their hairless front paws reaching out toward her kits. She desperately fought the numerous paws that were coming from all directions. She swiped again and again, she cried out for help and she woke up with something prodding her side.

She blinked as sunshine found its way through the leaves and she looked down to find that Tree was prodding her with his paw. "Are you okay mommy? You were dreaming weren't you?"

Redsky purred a little and brought her tail over to lay Tree's fur down flat. "Yes, it was only a dream. Everything is fine now, I don't think any twolegs are going to bother us now." She paused for breath and checked to make sure Acorn was still there too.

When she left the bush, the two little kits stumbling to follow out into the open. Deciding to make things seem a little happier, Redsky turned towards her kits. "Now, who wants to ride mommy?"

Acorn and Tree jumped up and down in excitement both squealing with glee mewling, "Me! Me!"

"Hmm..." Redsky said teasingly, "How about you both ride on my back? Can you hold on? I'm sure you can, you two are so strong!" Redsky squatted down to let Tree and Acorn climb onto her back. When they were holding on tightly with their little claws, she padded on. Peering around the corners of every den to make sure it was clear.

Redsky finally made it back to the twoleg den, this time making sure that there were no twolegs in site. She padded for the grass spot behind the den where Sarah always lay basking in the sun and crawled underneath a fence. Making it through with her two kits still in place, Redsky spotted the familiar bundle of gray and black mottled fur that was dozing.

"Sarah!" Redsky called. "Sarah! Thank the skies you are here..."

The she-cat looked up from her sun-spot and purred. "Red! I'm so glad you're here!" She stood up and stretched, then padded over to the shade where Redsky was. "There's so much to talk to you about! I-..." Sarah's voice trailed away as she spotted the two little kits pounce off of Redsky's back and begin prowling each other playfully.

Redsky nodded. "Yes, I have kits now. And my name is no longer Red. It's Redsky now..." Redsky explained everything she'd been through from the time she fell in love with a Windclan cat named Barkfur, to the time she had the experience the day before with a twoleg.

Sarah tilted her head sideways when Redsky was finished. "Wow, a lot has happened since you and I last spoke with each other..."

"Yes, and that's why I've come to ask a favor from you." Redsky asked quite hesitantly. "I need someone to watch over the kits while I go hunting for prey and any scraps of food I can get."

Sarah's yellow eyes widened. "That seems a lot harder than what I had in mind..."

Redsky looked into Sarah's eyes. "What did you have in mind?"

Chapter 4

"Well, I was wondering... you are desperate for food and you'll eat anything you can find... right?" Sarah said after Redsky and the kits settled down near a patch of grass growing by a lone tree in the backyard of the twoleg den. 

Redsky tilted her head sideways and nudged Tree back in front of her. "Well, yes..." She trailed off.

Sarah took a breath. "Well, the twolegs are always bringing me food outside during greenleaf, like now. I could have them see you and they'd be happy to feed you some food too for a while. My housefolk are such nice things, hairless they may be..."

"What about my kits?" Redsky meowed, feeling more protective over them and nudging them closer, making them protest.

"My housefolk won't have to see your kits." Sarah implied. "They will give you food and will leave you alone. I know them Redsky... They may want to stroke your fur, so please please be nice to them okay?"

Redsky shuddered, she couldn't bare losing her kits, they were all she had now. But she thought of them and she would do anything to take care of them. Even if it meant giving her life. Finally, she resigned. "Okay... I'll stay here for a while. Just until the kits are big enough to walk around on there own. You will help me... right?"

Sarah purred. "That's what friends are for Redsky."

*    *    *

It was beginning to become late afternoon, and Sarah had helped Redsky build a small nest under the tree. Sarah didn't have a nest to Redsky's surprise, she just slept up on one of the large branches of tree. Redsky settled down and sighed. If she didn't get food soon, her milk would stop coming again, making her kits go hungry. She brought them closer and settled them into the tall grass that hid them from view to the twolegs.

"Stay here you two, mommy needs to go get some food. I'm trusting you both right now, and if those scary twolegs see you, they'll take you away. So please stay put."

Tree and Acorn both looked up at her. Tree puffed out his chest and squeaked, "Don't worry! You can count on us! We'll protect this nest and keep those mangy twolegs away!"

"Good kit..." Redsky said, and padded away to sit down next to Sarah. "I'm not sure if I can do this..." Redsky meowed, shaking slightly and she stared at the spot where the twolegs came in and out.

Sarah moved slightly closer to her. "Don't worry. You'll be fine."


Chapter 5

Redsky sat nervously next to Sarah. "What are we doing?" She hissed quietly to her friend. "Why are we just sitting in front of the swinging wall where the twolegs come in and out?"

Sarah turned to look at her. "Don't worry, I do this all the time." Sarah cleared her throat and padded up to the door and began meowing loudly. Redsky started to feel the fur on her spine stand up on end. What is she doing? She sounds like she's dying or something!

Sarah meowed louder still, and started scratching her claws on the door. "MRRROOOWWW!" She yelled.

Redsky was starting to realize what was happening. Is she trying to get the twolegs' attention? Finally, after Sarah's voice starting cracking from the strain, a twoleg opened the door. The twoleg starting making strange noises, but they sounded oddly kind. Redsky felt rooted to the ground in terror as the twoleg stopped making noises to look at her. Redsky watched with wide eyes and Sarah went right up to the twoleg to rub her fur around the twoleg's legs.

Sarah beckoned her over with her tail, "Come on, if you want to eat, you need to show that you're a kind cat. He might pet you, but try and resist clawing him okay?" Sarah looked as if she were pleading Redsky.

Redsky took a deep breath, flattened her fur, and padded slowly toward the twoleg. The twoleg squatted down and started making noises that sounded like a weird cat noise. Redsky approached a little more, still being very cautious and trying to remove her bad experiences with them altogether. The twoleg reached out its paw slowly, not to grab, but to let Redsky come to its paw. Redsky sniffed the hairless paw and felt immediately calm. She didn't smell anything too strange or dangerous, just the smell of Sarah.

Almost instinctively, Redsky pushed her head gently into the twoleg's paw, and lifted her tail up. She felt like she'd done something like this before... A long time ago. The twoleg moved it's paw suddenly, but she didn't mind. The twoleg ran it's paw gently down her back, smoothing her fur even more. It was a strange feeling, but it felt so familiar all the same.

After a moment, the twoleg finally stood up to it's full height and called to another twoleg in the den. The twoleg in the den handed the other twoleg strange objects and the twoleg set them both onto the ground. The twoleg then grabbed a nearby bag thing and poured little pebble things into each of the bowls. It stroked Sarah once more and then it disappeared into the den.

Sarah began to purr as she padded up to the pebbles. "That wasn't so hard... was it?"


Chapter 6

Redsky watched Sarah carefully as her friend approached the object with the pebbles and began eating them. "Come on," Sarah said through a mouthful of those weird things. "They aren't the best thing to eat in the world, but it's food."

Redsky walked slowly up to the food and couldn't help but ask, "What is this thing called that's keeping the food from spilling?" And she began eating.

She could head Sarah purr, "It's called a bowl. Now eat up."

Redsky bit into the first pebble. It had a strange taste to it, but it wasn't as bad as she thought. They had strange colors too. It was strange eating something that was so dry, but she felt better after eating nonetheless.

When Redsky and Sarah were full, Redsky padded back to the nest they'd made. To her relief, Tree and Acorn were still there, and they were sound asleep. By morning, Redsky would have plenty of milk to give them and they too, would have full bellies and could grow up to be strong. She snuggled down in the nest, and gently nudged them into her belly fur to keep them warm.

She dreamed that night, it was a strange and horrid dream. She opened her eyes to find herself in a large, flat land with grass. She sensed that she wasn't alone, and it was strange being in such an open place, even considering she was a warrior of Windclan for a short while. No trees, nothing. She looked down to see Tree standing beside her. His eyes were fixed on something and he was as still as a statue. The only thing moving was the small amount of wind ruffling his fur a little bit and his rhythmic breathing.

She looked out to where he was looking and she saw something heading their way. She thought it was a dust storm, but it was something else. She squinted her eyes and widened them in surprise to see that tangled ivy full of thorns were growing like a monster. She stood in the way of Tree to protect him, but she didn't realize that Acorn was in front of her. It was too late and the ivy monster engulfed Acorn. Redsky screeched and leaped forward trying to save Acorn, and the ivy swished around her, engulfing her in the sea of vines. She heard a tiny screech from inside the ivy as it flowed like an ocean around her. She tried desperately to save Acorn and then she saw Tree pop his head up from the ivy. She grabbed his scruff and threw him as far away from the ivy as she could, but in that instance she threw him, she fell and became engulfed in the crushing vines.

Redsky woke up with a start breathing hard. She looked around desperately and tried to slow her breathing when she saw Tree lying on her belly. He looked at her a bit scared and asked her, "Are you okay mommy? You were having a bad dream..."

Redsky licked Tree gently, lying his fur flat. "I'm okay Tree... it was just a bad dream..."

To be continued...
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This Journal is so that I can keep track of all the requests I've done in the past/currently working on. It just makes it a billion times easier to put it in a journal that have stacks upon stacks of paper to write on. Typing is just so much easier.

Requests as of July 2017~

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So, I've been hearing a lot about this... "art fight" going on... could anyone tell me some details about it? I may consider joining in!
This Journal is so that I can keep track of all the requests I've done in the past/currently working on. It just makes it a billion times easier to put it in a journal that have stacks upon stacks of paper to write on. Typing is just so much easier.

Requests as of July 2017~

:iconscarletmemories: requested the following

:iconcatstielofriverclan: requested the following

:icongiziku: requested the following

:iconallisonbunnyz: requested the following

Please let me know if I missed any! Thanks for all the requests!
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  • Watching: like, 50 people now
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