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United States
Warriors, Anthro art, and Literature art is pretty much all I do. Occasionally, I'll do a nature or space scene, but mainly those three above. No mature content or sexual themes. Thank you.

BTW my real name is actually Hazel! I keep changing my name on DeviantArt, but I think this is final!


Chapter 1

Long ago, a rogue by the name of Tree was sprinting through the forest in the dead of night. He had just been chased off by some cats who called themselves, "Thunderclan Warriors". Tree could hear them yowling in the from behind him as he headed toward the four giant trees that rest in the middle of the forest. He knew for a fact that the "clans" wouldn't dare attack when they leave their "territory".

Tree sat down to rest once he was sure that he was out of those weird cats territory and safely on top of the giant rock in the middle of the clearing. Tree was a small, brown tom. His fur giving him his name. He could blend in easily with any type of shrubs and brush. His green eyes were alert, making sure he was truly alone. He had long legs, his tail was medium length, and he had a torn ear from a fight he had with one of those forest cats. He was slim with sleek fur, and several times before he was told by the forest cats that he looks like a Windclan cat, although it was impossible to tell clans from each other.

All he ever knew was this forest and the outskirts of Twolegplace, but he knew he needed to leave soon. If the forest cats kept this up, he would eventually starve to death. It was impossible to hunt with those cats patrolling all the time. I need to figure out how to get out of here without being seen. Tree thought to himself. I can't live here anymore.

A last minute decision, and the sound of twigs snapping just behind him was enough for him to head off. He leaped off the giant rock and landed softly on the ground and took off into the brush. Yowls sounded behind him again and he heard a tom's voice yelling toward him, "Prey thief! This'll be the last time you set paw on our territory you fox-heart!" The paw steps got louder, and Tree arched his back and steadied the rhythm of his strides for better endurance. He steadied his breathing and eventually the paw steps fainted and were father away.

Tree burst through the trees to find himself in a moorland. Not stopping to think, he took off up the shallow hills. All he needed to do was get to the top of the hill there and travel into the Twolegplace. "Fox dung!" Tree yowled, jamming his foot into a rabbit hole and twisting his paw. He rolled a couple times then lay sprawled out. Chest heaving from the sudden fall, he tried to stand up, but he couldn't put any weight on his injured paw and he lost his balance and fell over again.

He knew that some of those clan cats would find him eventually if he stayed in the open like this, so he crawled to the hole where he tripped and squeezed in backwards. Keeping his head toward the fresh air. He tucked in his paws and stared out at the stars. I hope this is enough to keep those cats from finding me...

He began to dose off when he heard something running towards him from behind. The hole was just big enough for him to turn around, he stood up and turned around as best as he could to find a pair of blue eyes staring at him.


Chapter 2

Tree, not knowing what to do, backed out of the hole. But he kept on tripping because of the searing pain in his paw. "Stay back! I'm leaving your territory! No need to run me off!" Tree growled, trying to not panic. Those eyes looked so calm and unnerving. They blinked a couple times and waited for him to leave the hole. When he finally backed out of the hole and sat down panting, the cat finally emerged. It was a beautiful moon-white she-cat with long fur. Well, that's what he could tell at least. Because she was completely covered in mud, clay, and soot except for the very tips of her ears and tail and a bit of her face.

"It's okay, I'm not here to chase you out of my territory." The she-cat meowed calmly.

"Th-then why were you in that hole?" Tree asked, tilting his head.

"I'm from Windclan by the way." the she-cat said, avoiding the question casually. "And my name is Moonlight. What's your name? I haven't seen you around here before." She paused for a moment and studied him. Then she added, "You must be a rogue... Don't worry, I know some of your kind." She meowed, twitching her tail slightly as if thinking about a distant memory.

Tree straightened himself up and licked his chest fur a couple of times, a little embarrassed. "I'm Tree. Nice to meet you Moonlight. Now, I must be going now, I am er... on a journey."

Moonlight's eyes glinted happily in the night sky and she purred. "Nice to meet you Tree. You need your paw looked at, why don't you come with me to my camp and our medicine cat can heal you up? Oh come on, it won't be that bad. Maybe a few won't trust you, but at least you'll get your paw fixed up and you can be on your way."

Tree felt a bit uncomfortable, he'd never been to a clan camp before. But he still couldn't put any weight on his paw, he was sure that he'd sprained it. "Okay." He meowed quietly.

"Okay, come on, lean on my shoulder and I'll help you get to my camp." Moonlight said happily.

Tree gratefully leaned up against Moonlight's shoulder, taking some of his weight off of the injured paw. As they were walking Moonlight's clan camp, Tree couldn't help but wonder why this cat had avoided his question before, so he asked again, "What were you doing in that rabbit hole?"

"Hunting." Moonlight said simply. She glanced at Tree and noticed his confused look on his face. "I'm a tunneler. I tunnel underground to hunt for prey. You must be a forest rogue, not knowing what a tunneler is." Her eyes twinkled and they both walked on for a ways in silence.

The walk was getting more and more uncomfortable for Tree. He was beginning to miss the shade of the trees over head and he felt very exposed out on the moorland, with no place to hide if someone came by and saw him or Moonlight. But soon enough, a small sloping spot came into view. "Is that your camp?" Tree asked, slightly jumpy. Would they welcome me? If not, will they kill me? Or run me off and make my injury worse? He had too many bad experiences with clan cats and panic was beginning to take its toll. He stopped and shook his head and was about to say, "I can't." But he looked around and realized he was already in the camp.

He swallowed down the panic rising in his throat as cats began to notice and look his and Moonlight's way.


Chapter 3

As the cats all turned his way, to his slight relief, they didn't look hostile, just curious and confused. "Is it often that you have a visiting rogue in your camp?" Tree asked, feeling hot under his pelt from the stares.

Moonlight flicked her tail. "Oh, they come and go... Come on, the medicine den is this way."

She led him to the medicine den and called from the entrance. "Gustwhisper! I need our help, we have an injured cat here."

An old she-cat came to the entrance of the den. Her yellow eyes glinting in the darkness of the cave. She looked a bit frail and her dark gray fur was fading to bright gray at her muzzle. "Moonlight." The old she-cat rasped. "What's going on here? Went for a bit of night hunting eh?" Gustwhisper paused and looked at Tree and slighted her eyes. "I don't know this cat." She said simply and began to turn her back on them.

"Gustwhisper please!" Moonlight began.

Gustwhisper turned her head toward them as she headed into the den. "Relax Moonlight. I never turn away a patient when I see one. Just wait there and let my patient lie down. He needs to get off that paw."

Tree gratefully laid himself down on the dusty ground. He looked up at the sky to see the night sky was getting darker. At least I feel safe here... He turned his head to see Moonlight heading toward a large den. "Where are you going Moonlight?"

She turned to look at him and twitched her ear. "I'm just reporting in to the Windclan leader. Just letting him know that we have a peaceful visitor in our midst." She turned her back on Tree and called into the den before entering, "Rabbitstar!"

Tree sat there for a moment longer, then saw a bumbling kit come toward him, bleary-eyed with sleep, but curious altogether. Two more little ones hid behind their mother who was smiling, but calling for the one coming toward him. "Heatherkit! Come back here, leave the stranger alone! You need to go to your nest! It's late!" She almost sounded scared, but Tree couldn't blame her. He was a stranger after all. But he wasn't going to stay a stranger while he was here.

The little kit looked up at him and squeaked, "Hello! I'm Heatherkit!" The little kit had pink-ish gray fur with blue eyes. Tree leaned down to touch her head gently with his nose.

"Hello there Heatherkit. My name is Tree." He said gently. The little kit continued to look at Tree confused. Then she asked. "Tree-what?"

"Just Tree."

"Just Tree?" The kit's eyes became as round as moons.

"Just Tree." He said, trying not to laugh. This kit is really cute. He thought to himself, then he added. She would make a great leader one day for the clan... she's so cute and brave... But what would I know? I know nothing about clans.

The old medicine cat finally hobbled out of the cave and shooed the little kit away with her tail. She turned and examined Tree's paw. "Yes. It's a sprain. Just as I thought. What did you do, trip on a rabbit hole?"

"Actually, that's exactly what happened." Tree said, slightly impressed by her guesswork. They both said no more and Gustwhisper continued to wrap Tree's paw in silence. Slowly, sleep over took him and he fell asleep.


Chapter 4

Tree jerked awake when he heard someone yowling. But the yowl didn't sound like it was in trouble. He opened his eyes to see that the sun was rising just above the horizon, making the sky turn pink.

He turned his head to look where the yowl had come from and saw a very strong, dirt brown tom. Built kind of like Moonlight. He guess that this was Rabbitstar, leader of these Windclan cats. The tom was standing on top of the tall rock and was staring blankly down at the cats. Then he spoke in a deep voice. "Cats of Windclan, I'm here to let you know that our visitor is not going to stay here long." He paused to look directly at Tree, his expression still blank. "I'm sure he means no harm, and we will treat him as our guest. That is all. Carry on."

Rabbitstar jumped from the rock and everyone returned to what they were doing. However, Rabbitstar didn't seem to be finished, he was padding Tree's way. Tree swallowed, slightly nervous at what the leader was going to say. The leader stopped directly in front of Tree and stared down at him with that expressionless stare, making Tree's pelt feel like it was full of ants. "Your name is Tree? Moonlight told me." His tone was deep, but neither welcoming nor threatening. "I'm sure you'll be on your way as soon as your paw is better. Gustwhisper is a good medicine cat." Tree tried to sit up, but felt his paw tingle and only just lifted his head up to meet the leader's face. 

"I assure you, I'll be on my way once I'm better. For now, I will be of little nuisance as I can. It wasn't my idea to come here in the first place." Tree said, trying to not sound too ungrateful. He liked the help and all, but he didn't like being around so many cats. He liked going alone.

"We will give you food and water as you need it, but that is all. After Gustwhisper gives the word, you are free to go and do as you wish. Just stay away from our territory after that." Rabbitstar stalked off. Leaving Tree alone again. Tree sighed, he had known that not everyone was going to be friendly to him here. Social life is just too complicated. Although, at the same time, he misses it in a way. Watching those three little kits tumbling over and over in the dirt, being watched by their loving mother.

"Ever wonder what it's like to have a family?" A voice rasped behind him. Tree turned his head to see the old medicine cat slouching just under the heather that blocked the entrance to the den. "Medicine cats are forbidden to have any kind of family of our own. It's against our warrior code. But I envy you in a lot of ways Tree. You have no code to follow. And you can roam as you wish..." Gustwhisper sighed and shook out her pelt. "You'll be fit to leave in three days." She stood up and exited the den, heading toward the nursery. She turned her head back to him and flicked her tail at him. "Don't let Rabbitstar get to you. It's just his tunneler blood."


Chapter 5

The days dragged on slowly and greenleaf was finally here. The days were getting warmer and Windclan was thriving. He had just watched an interesting ceremony of Heatherkit and her siblings get apprenticed. He'd never known that clan cats had so many rules and ceremonies. It was interesting really.

He was lying in the sun, soaking in it's rays. His paw never felt better and he was sure that soon enough he'd be able to leave and he can be on his own once again. He closed his eyes and listened to the camp. He felt a kind of pride for the little Heatherpaw as she left camp for her first time. Her brothers Flurrypaw and Stalkpaw went with her with their new mentors. Tree couldn't help open his eyes to look up at where the Windclan leader was dozing in the sun on top of what he now knew as TallRock. Evidently that was where clan meetings were held. Tree turned onto his back to let his belly soak up some heat when he spotted Gustwhisper entering the camp with an apprentice he'd only seen once. From what he knew the apprentices name was Chivepaw. The medicine cat approached Tree and whispered, "It's time you leave Tree. Your paw is healed now." She gave him a look of warning but Tree ignored it.

"Okay, let me just say one thing to Rabbitstar." Tree said, standing up and padding over to TallRock and leaped up on top of it easily. Tree bowed his head to Rabbitstar and meowed, "Thank you for your kindness Rabbitstar. I am grateful that you have helped me be on my way."

Rabbitstar twitched his ears, opened his eyes, and sat up to look at Tree. "You have been wonderful to our kits, they needed some excitement for once." Rabbitstar sneezed from the dust on the rock and continued, "If it wasn't for you, those kits would've surely left camp to explore at a much too young age." For the first time, Rabbitstar's eye twinkled at Tree. "I wish you the best Tree. Starclan watches over you."

Tree didn't dare say that his ancestors weren't among Starclan. He wanted to leave a peaceful visitor. "I shall leave now. Gustwhisper has given me the word that my paw is healed. I will never forget your kindness." Tree turned and jumped off of TallRock and padded toward the medicine cat den for one final goodbye to the kind medicine cat. When he spotted her, he bowed his head and twitched his tail. "Thank you for helping me Gustwhisper. If not for you, I probably wouldn't be walking properly right now."

"Don't soothe me with your words." Gustwhisper rasped. "I'm just glad it healed properly. Now get out of here before I claw you out." She didn't sound grumpy, quite the contrary, she was actually purring! Tree respectfully backed out of the den and headed out of camp. He didn't want to make that big of a scene with the Clan, and he wanted them to continue their lives without him intervening. He thought about saying goodbye to Moonlight, but he didn't want to get too involved with her. He could tell by the way she acted around him that she liked him... a lot. He looked over the moor and spotted a tail above the grass, heading his way. He turned the corner and nearly ran into a young warrior. "Sorry about that Dustfoot." Tree meowed. They passed each other when Dustfoot purred, "Leaving already? Going to miss watching you play with the kits." 

"Yeah, I'll miss them, but hey! Could you do something for me? Could you tell Moonlight thank you for me? It would mean a lot to me..." Tree searched Dustfoot's face and the warrior finally nodded. "Alright. I will. Good luck to you Tree! Starclan watches over you!" Dustfoot disappeared through the heather and Tree padded on. Heading toward Twolegplace. Hopefully I won't run into any more Clan cats. I don't like saying goodbyes... 

Luckily, he didn't run into any cats at all the rest of the way and he bounded over the border line, ready to cross the thunderpath.


Chapter 6

Tree had been in Twolegplace countless times, but he wasn't planning on going in there. This time, he was going to head around the forest toward Carrionplace, where more clan cats lived. Although, he wasn't going to enter the territories, he was going to follow along the scent lines. Something strange was calling him, something telling him that he should head towards the sunrise. Something was waiting for him out there and he knew it. So instead of crossing the Thunderpath, he walked along side it, not flinching at all as monsters roared past, their lights staring blankly ahead of them. He was used to the acrid scent from living in Twolegplace in the abandoned Twoleg den on the far side. So he was fairly comfortable walking along the dark stone. He had no friends, so he had no reason to visit Twolegplace ever again. 

Tree approached another, smaller thunderpath and crossed that easily. He looked up at the sky and saw that the sun was already setting just above the horizon behind him. He padded on, careful to head away from where the sun currently sank. He past Carrionplace and came out into a moor. Always a moor... why is it always moorland? Tree thought grimly, he wanted to be hunting under the trees, sheltered from the wind, and a place to hide and sneak up on his prey, or climb a tree. Tree stalked forward a few tail-lengths and he came across a thick bunch of heather. He decided to crawl into that to sleep for the night. He opened his mouth to see if anything had been here recently, but everything was stale he thought he scented another cat amongst the heather, but it was mostly rabbit and too stale to know for sure.

He lay himself down in the heather and took a glance up at the sky. He had heard the clan cats talking about it being called Silverpelt... where Starclan cats would go when they died. Is it true? Do you really exist up there Starclan? What are you trying to tell me? The stars only twinkled as they brightened and the sun finally sank down into the earth. Tree tucked his muzzle under his paws and closed his eyes.

Dreams engulfed Tree and he opened his eyes. He was standing in a starry realm, under a beautiful forest. Is this Starclan? He thought wildly. He shook his head. This can't be Starclan, I'm a rogue, not a Clan cat. He stared around and saw a figure approach him. It was a small, but lean cat that had a starry pelt. The cat had emerald eyes just like him. It was a she-cat that looked vaguely familiar bu he couldn't put his paws on who she was. She came closer and her ear twitched. "Sit down Tree." She whispered softly.

They both sat down and Tree found the grass under paw extremely comfortable. He nestled into the grass and tilted his head to one side. "Who are you?"

The starry she-cat sighed. "It's not the right time to tell you. But I must say this Tree, you have enough faith in Starclan that I can meet you, and that's saying something... Yes, I am a Starclan cat. Tree, I'm here to give you a prophecy."

"A prophecy? You mean like a destiny? Something that must be done?" Tree demanded.

The she-cat nodded. "Yes, follow the rising sun. Go where no cat has gone before, go where cats can live among the trees. A new life for cats must be formed. Another thing Tree, remember this... when rain comes, the sun will come out. A rainbow will form, a sign for new life and promise. Good luck to you Tree. Starclan watches over you now." The she-cat began to fade.

"Wait!" Tree called out to the she-cat, he felt himself being pulled away. "What do you mean 'new life and promise'?" He was yowling now. "Please! I don't know what you mean!"

"You will know when the time comes Tree..." The she-cat whispered in his ear, even though he couldn't see her. "Just remember the prophecy..." Her voice trailed away and Tree woke up to find the sun rising on the horizon.


Chapter 7

Tree shook himself as he traveled across the grassy stretch of land. He couldn't shake off that dream he had last night. If it even was a dream. He didn't even want to know how that starry she-cat knew his name. And this whole prophecy business. I thought that was for those clan cats only. Tree thought crossly. What do I have to do with a prophecy. He couldn't even try and solve this puzzle that cat gave him either. He mulled it over and over in his head until he was dizzy.

Distracting himself, he decided to hunt. He had never hunted rabbit before, or hunted on the moors at all. But he had overheard some of the the Windclan apprentices boasting over and over again about their catches. He remembered them as clearly as if he had actually been trained to hunt a rabbit. He opened his mouth and breathed in, he could smell a faint scent of rabbit, it was fresh. He followed along the scent trail until he heard grass ruffling just around a tall clump of heather. Silencing his paw steps, he stalked forward slowly. He burst through the heather and the rabbit took off. He gave chase and increased his stride. He was gaining on the rabbit.

His breathing steadied and he felt his spine stretch out to it's full ability. He never felt so free. He dove forward and landed on top of the rabbit, killing it with a swift bite to its neck. He ate at the rabbit until he could eat no more and buried the remains. He didn't want any predators to follow him in case they got hungry for more than just leftovers. What a great feeling that was! Tree thought. I could run like that forever! Feeling a burst of energy, he took off. He lengthened his stride again until he was securing two tail-lengths with each stride. His body calmed and his breathing steadied. Is this what a Windclan cat feels like? I sure have learned a lot from them! 

Tree yowled with pleasure as he saw a forest come into view. Finally! Tree thought. Shelter and a place to travel by tree climbing. He slowed his pace down to a trot and looked up at the sky. It was sun-high and it was impossible to tell if he was going the right way or not. Tired from running, he decided to look for water. Pricking his ears he heard the faint sound of a rushing stream. Now walking, he stared around at the trees. He never felt more at home. But I can't stay here. It's too close to the clans in the forest to be home. Sighing, he climbed a tree. Climbing up to the first branch, he glanced around for the stream of water.

It took him a few heartbeats, but he found it. He jumped down and landed softly and padded toward the stream. He squatted down and stared into the water for a few moments, enjoying the soothing, damp moss that was growing near the stream.

He drank to his fill and looked around, licking his lips. I feel like I'm being watched... He raised his head and sat on his haunches, acting like he didn't know he was being watched. He'd learned from previous experiences that if someone knows that who they're watching is being watched, they'll more than likely ambush their victim.

He opened his mouth slightly and breathed in a strange scent. Something he'd never smelt before. Not fox, he thought. No, not badger... nothing dangerous that I've encountered so far... He turned around and to his surprise, he found himself staring into the eyes of a strange figure. It looked like a cat, except for the fact that it was covered in mud. He began backing into the stream when the mud monster spoke in a low, calm growl. "What are you doing in this forest... trespasser?"


Chapter 8

Tree backed away slowly from the yellow eyes that were glaring at him. He backed straight into the stream and turned and leaped the rest of it. He turned around and the mud-thing was gone. He turned back around to face forward and nearly jumped out of his pelt when he saw the mud-thing in front of him. "I'm not going to ask you again, what are you doing in this forest?" The mud-thing said. It was obviously something that could speak cat, so it must be a cat under all that mud.

Avoiding the question, Tree asks, "Why are you covered in mud?"

The cat dove into the river and swam around. I heard about cats that do this, but I thought only Riverclan would have the nerve to swim... Tree thought, baffled by how well the cat swam around. The water pushed the mud away and glided down the back of the cat like a fish. Clearly his pelt was water-proof. What kind of a cat is he? The cat jumped out of the river and shook himself. He sat back on his haunches and began drying his fur. He was a tom, a very broad shouldered tom with gleaming yellow eyes. He had jet black fur except for a little white patch in his belly.

"I was hunting." The cat said, sounding much less aggressive.

Hunting... cats sure have some weird ways of hunting nowadays... Tree thought, trying to suppress a mrrow of laughter. "Covering yourself in mud to blend in with the surroundings? With a pelt like that it should be easy enough without it..." Tree meowed, flicking his tail with impatience. Why does this cat wait so long to reply?

"Look," the tom said, looking up at Tree. "I just don't like it when cats come through here like they own it. I had some of those clan cats come out here to hunt one leaf-bear. And they scared all the prey away." He paused to examine Tree closely. He sniffed a couple times and meowed, "You definitely don't look like a clan cat, and you don't smell like one either. You smell of thunderpath and Twolegplace stench." He wrinkled his nose and his whiskers twitched. "You must be a rogue, like me then?"

Tree nodded eagerly, he wanted to be on this toms good side, because of how big the cat was. "My name is Tree. I was a rogue living in Twolegplace, and now I'm moving on, searching for a place to start a new... life." Tree chose those last words carefully.

The tom thought for a moment as if hesitant to say. "My name is Dusty. Nice to meet you Tree. Come on, I'll take you to my camp."

Dusty turned on his paws and began walking confidently through the forest. Tree followed, happy to at least be on friendly terms with this cat. Tree examined himself and realized how small he must look to Dusty. His ribs were showing from lack of food, and his tail drooped from exhaustion. This may be the start of a wonderful friendship... or not...


Chapter 9

Tree followed Dusty as they headed through the forest. Tree was beginning to wonder why Dusty had such a huge grudge on the clan cats and didn't care whether or not Tree wondered through. Tree gave a small thank you to Starclan that the scents of Windclan had been washed away when he traveled beside the thunderpath. He didn't bother asking questions to Dusty yet, he didn't want to seem to confident in himself.

They traveled on a bit longer and the trees thickened. Dusty continued padding onward and eventually, they came into a small opening. A small pile of fresh-kill lay in the center of the opening. On the far side, a large fern overhung to make a small shelter and on their right, a small honeysuckle grew, making another perfect shelter. "Come and sit, please. I need to ask you a few things." Dusty said, Tree was surprised at how friendly Dusty's tone had gotten since they first met.

They sat down and Dusty stared into Tree's eyes. Searching for something. Then he asked, "So... Tree, what brings you out this far? Why are you traveling this far from Twolegplace? Why are you really traveling?" Dusty tilted his head to the side. "Oh come on, I know when someone isn't telling the whole truth."

Tree thought for a moment. I don't think he could stop me, I could easily outrun him with my long legs. Tree took a deep breath and said, "Alright. If I answer your questions, I should be allowed to ask you some questions okay?" Dusty nodded and Tree continued. "Okay. I'm being absolutely true with you, you may not believe me, or you may shred me after I say this, but... here goes. You know how the clan cats have faith in their ancestors and such? Well, apparently if anyone has faith enough is them, then anyone can have Starclan visit them... in dreams."

Dusty's eyes widened into two round moons. "Wait, are you saying...?" Tree nodded and continued. "Yes." Tree told Dusty everything. He didn't know why he was telling the truth to Dusty, or why he felt so comfortable around him. When he finished telling Dusty, he braced himself to be thrown out. But instead, Dusty nodded his head slowly and his tail swished back and forth slowly, deep in thought.

"Alright. I believe you have some questions for me then?" Dusty prompted.

Tree settled himself into a more comfortable position and began by asking. "What brings you out here in this forest?"

Dusty shifted his paws for a moment. "I've lived out here most of my life. But recently, I've been... looking for..." He sighed and shuddered. "I'm looking for my sister. She was... out hunting one day and she... didn't come back. And now I'm searching for her. I have this feeling pulling me toward the sunrise, to follow the trail of the sunrise. Something tells me she's alive out there, but she can't come back for some reason. She disappeared just a few days ago, and I haven't been able to leave. Things have been keeping me put here..."

Tree wasn't expecting such a confession from such a strong and seemingly aggressive cat. But he could never judge a cat by his appearance ever again. "Looks like you and I are going to travel together then."

Dusty nodded, keeping his expression carefully blank. "It seems so. I wonder if this has anything to do with this... Starclan?"

"Possibly..." Tree looked up into the sky, even though there weren't any stars, he couldn't help ask... What does the future hold for Dusty's lost sister Starclan? Why are you making me wander around in the dark?


Chapter 10

Tree woke up the next day and stretched in his mossy nest. Sunlight streamed through the honeysuckle where he slept. He blinked a couple times and crawled out of the entrance then he stretched himself in a good long stretch. He sat on his haunches and began to give himself a thorough bath, at the same time he looked around the opening. Dusty must be out hunting. Tree thought, taking a glance at the absence of the fresh-kill in the center of the camp.

As soon as Tree finished grooming his fur, he heard something breaking a stick just behind a clump of tall grass. Tree pricked his ears and opened his mouth to scent what was nearby. It wasn't anything threatening by the scent of it, it smelled of the mossy, earthy scent of Dusty. He watched the grass and saw Dusty appear out of the grass, with two mice and a squirrel in his jaws. Dusty's eyes brightened up when he saw Tree awake. "Good morning sunshine!" Dusty called around the fresh-kill in his mouth. He put the prey down in front of Tree and they both shared the prey.

They finished the prey and Dusty began grooming himself. Dusty's fur was slightly wet, and Tree guessed that Dusty had covered himself in mud and dove in the stream to clean it off. "Are you ready to get going Tree? The sooner we find my sister, the sooner we can go our separate ways and I can come back here." Tree nodded eagerly and couldn't wait to be traveling on his own again.

"Yeah, when you're ready, we can go... alright?" Tree meowed.

Dusty flicked his ear in acknowledgement and continued grooming. Tree headed for another nearby stream to drink. He needed a moment to think. He approached the stream and drank. Then he sat down and gazed into the water, staring at his reflection. Okay... let me think this over... Tree thought to himself, trying to get his thoughts in order. Starclan, supposedly only clan cats' ancestors... now mine... gave me above all other cats, a prophecy. Something about... some kind of storm by the sound of it... the sun will come out, and a rainbow will appear... Come to think of it, it sounds like I should continue heading toward the sunrise until a storm, or at least a storm where the sun appears and causes a rainbow to appear... Yes, that sounds about right. Tree sighed and hit the water with his paw. He felt a heavy load was on his shoulders now. He didn't know whether or not he was up to the task. But Starclan of all things have faith in me. Just like I have faith in them now. So I will go through with this. I'll do my best to fulfill this prophecy that was given to me.

With a final look at the water, he puffed up his chest proudly and said out loud, "I will do this!"

"Do what? Tree?" Tree whipped around to see Dusty looking at him with a slight puzzled look on his face. "Are you talking about this prophecy of yours?"

Tree sighed and didn't want to keep anything from him. "Yes. I feel as if it's something as important as looking for a lost sister... It's a heavy weight on my shoulders. A lot of cats are depending on me right now." Tree said, taking a swift glance at the sky.

Tree shook himself while Dusty meowed, "Well, the sooner we get going the better. Come on, the sun is rising this way." Tree stood up and began to follow Dusty through the forest. "We should be breaking through the forest soon and into a marshy area." Dusty called back to Tree.

They traveled on, through the forest and gradually, the trees began to thin out. Just as Dusty had predicted, the forest opened up to a large stretch of marshy land. Tree gaped at the scenery and tilted his head toward Dusty. "How do you know this place so well?"

"I took the time to explore my surroundings. After all, I do live here." Dusty explained.

Tree nodded respectfully, but then his ears pricked as a scent washed over him. He recognized it right away. Dusty must've scented it too, because they both looked toward each other and exclaimed, "Foxes!"


To be continued...
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So, I'm going to be busy all this coming week and the rest of this week doing big tests and stuff for college. I am not going to have much time to draw, but I'll do my best to continue working on my stories and such, sorry for this inconvenience! Two very close friends passed away recently... and I'm still trying to cope with it. I don't know how long I'm not going to draw for, but I'll try my best to stay active.

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So, I'm going to be busy all this coming week and the rest of this week doing big tests and stuff for college. I am not going to have much time to draw, but I'll do my best to continue working on my stories and such, sorry for this inconvenience! Two very close friends passed away recently... and I'm still trying to cope with it. I don't know how long I'm not going to draw for, but I'll try my best to stay active.

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